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Content Marketing

Having the right content on your website is key for attracting the right visitors, and in many cases, 20% of a website’s content can drive 80% of the visitors.
When conducting a content analysis, Fusion looks at several factors, including but not limited to:
● Keyword volume
● Existing on-site content
● Any off-site content that can be cross-purposed for on-site use
● Campaign goals
At Fusion Inbound, we believe in creating high-value, long-lasting, evergreen content. Fusion focuses on creating long-form content that can be used once and distributed many times. This approach drives more people to your website, populates social media, and feeds your email campaigns, so every piece of content reaches its maximum potential.

Content Planning

Whether there are seasonalities that are unique to the brand, upcoming sales events, or national holidays, there are many factors that Fusion can consider when planning content.
At Fusion Inbound, we shy away from writing content for the calendar and strive to deliver long-form content that answers consumer needs and drives leads. Our process includes identifying the gaps between on-site content and
the terms people search for, identify conversion-driving keywords, and ensure visibility of your content.
The planning feeds your brand’s content calendar, which informs where the content should be published (website, social media, email), the form it should take (article, listicle, video, graphics, ebooks), and how often it should be shared.


Content Creation

Fusion Inbound can help you find your voice and create compelling content that interests and engages your audience. Fusion begins by getting to know your brand and looking in from the outside.
By leveraging keyword research, PR, and artificial intelligence tools, Fusion can craft and create content that stands out and provides an ongoing lift in site traffic.
When it comes to content ideation, Fusion can think beyond the written word to ensure that content is supported with visuals that increase engagement, sharing, interest, and leads.

Content Distribution

Create once and share many times. That is the backbone of Fusion Inbound’s philosophy regarding content distribution. Your content can fuel your social media and email marketing efforts which is why Fusion thinks of content and not social when it comes to your strategy. With 4.4 million blog posts written daily, Fusion can make sure your content rises to the top rather than just sitting on an archive page of your blog. Great content is a wasted effort if your audience doesn’t know it exists. That is why content distribution is as important as content creation.
The methodologies applied to your content are crafted to make sure it stands out and Fusion gives as much attention to a title or subject line as we do an article.


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