I am a full time Realtor in Santa Barbara, CA and hired Yosef in 2019 to assist me with creating ad campaigns, social media posts and assisting me with my website. Yosef was incredibly prompt and helped me keep on task and put the items that I needed to get accomplished on a calendar. Before I hired him, these tasks tended to slip through the cracks and not get done in a timely manner…My company started providing these services for their agents in house, which is the only reason that I no longer needed the services of Fusion In Bound. I would strongly recommend them for your social media and advertising needs and I would be happy to answer any questions about my experience with them!

— Elizabeth C. Wagner

Many of the insights and knowledge I have about email marketing comes from my work with Yosef. His editorial planning and process made it possible for us to send up to 12 emails a week for a number of brands. His insight into strategy, design, and implementation are all data-driven and drove results. After working with Yosef, I believe that any e-commerce brand that is not leveraging email marketing and automation is leaving unspent revenue on the table.

— Pia Naiditch

It was an honor to work with Yosef as he prepared for MozCon 2017. During the draft and review process, he was open to feedback and eager to make any needed changes. Even more important, Yosef was a professional in making the changes and committed to delivering valuable content to the audience.
Additionally, Yosef was engaging and witty onstage, exhibiting a level of thoughtfulness and enjoyment the audience found entertaining, insightful and interesting. I would happily work with him again in the future and will eagerly recommend him for future events.

— Ronell Smith

Yosef is both a gifted marketer and gifted speaker. His more than a decade of digital marketing experience is unparalleled, with special expertise in search, email marketing, social media management, and marketing automation. Our small business clients love working with Yosef and trust his expert judgment completely. His breadth of knowledge across disciplines makes for a more holistic approach to digital marketing and helps clients connect the dots between their marketing tactics to be more effective. He is ROI-minded, not just doing marketing tactics to check a box, but rather to help drive real business results for clients. Yosef is also fantastic to watch speaking at conferences and live events. He can take material otherwise considered ‘dry’ and craft a story arc that makes content engaging, rich, and easy to understand.

— Heather Physioc

My team has worked with Yosef Silver for a good period of time AND on several projects. He is attentive to detail, committed to providing an excellent product, and has a wealth of knowledge in many fields. More important than his technical professional skills is that he is an honest, trustworthy, and kind professional that believes in the relationship. His ability to understand people and work with varying personalities became critical with many of our projects. In today’s world, one wants to work with someone they can trust and believe in. Yosef is that type of person AND professional.

— Allan Gonsher

Through our work with Yosef Silver, we saw that email marketing automation could not only drive traffic to our website and increase sales, but also help us deepen our relationship with our clients. Often people walk away from content marketing programs too early. My advice: stick with and find the right marketing strategist for success.

— Maayan Hoffman

As the owner of a growing company, I want to focus on selling product. It’s hard to do that if I am trying to learn how to market myself. Working with Yosef gave me the peace of mind that my website was in the hands of an expert, I could could focus on my business.

— Mendel Segal

Over the years I’ve worked with Yosef, we’ve driven down the cost per lead while increasing the volume and quality of leads. Ultimately, through increased Google rankings, improved email marketing and implementing automated campaigns, I have able to reduce my marketing spend and increase my sales. Yosef is understanding of my business needs and sees a clear road to meet my business and revenue goals.

— Schneur Wineberg

Amazing skill set, far greater than I ever realized! Yosef is humble about his talents and yet phenomenal ability to push for the greater good, even if it steps outside the comfort zone. Respectful of opinions yet confident in his talents. Always willing to push to the next level.

— Blake Nelson

Blake & Associates Premier Real Estate

Yosef began providing value and education to me before I even signed on as a client. He is an expert in his field who can speak the language and move the needle for those of us who are not experts. Amazingly authentic and generous.

— Charity Ohland

Dir. of Business Development, Fountain Mortgage

I am a full time Realtor in Santa Barbara, CA and hired Fusion to assist me with my online presence and website. Yosef was incredibly prompt and helped me keep on task, accomplishing email marketing tasks that used to slip through the cracks. I would strongly recommend Fusion Inbound for your social media and advertising needs.

— Elizabeth Wagner

Village Properties Realtors

We have been working with Yosef for over 5 years and have always been very happy. He is excellent with strategizing and staying current with the new trends in Marketing. The Fusion team is always a pleasure to work with, and when you need something done quickly, they are eager to assist.

— Schneur Wineberg

Director, Pesach on the Mountain

Yosef has always been responsive to my needs no matter how smaller or critical they may be. He takes the time to really listen to our goals and offer suggestions for success. He is patient and understanding of our time constraints and always does his best to ensure our work is done efficiently and professionally.

— Andrea Burkhart

Brancato’s Catering

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