Core values

Diversity and Inclusion at Fusion Inbound

01. Acceptance

At Fusion, we accept everyone for who they are regardless of race, gender or creed. We thrive on a ‘come as you are’ attitude.

02. Empathy

We truly care about the people we work with. We do what’s right, even if it cuts into the bottom line. We look at our employees and clients as trusted partners. With this, our giving program supports charities that are meaningful to the team, and we make a donation along with every client we take on.

03. Originality

Our culture of learning and creativity helps the entire team, not to mention it makes our work great. Every day is an opportunity to grow, learn and be yourself at Fusion. Without creativity, our services would not be possible.

04. Transparency

We use honesty and transparency to help us conquer challenges before they become problems. We don’t make excuses. We make sure we’re setting realistic expectations, so that we can deliver the right product, at the right time.

05. Wellbeing

Fusion believes health and wellness come first. If you work yourself into the ground, a final product is simply not at its full potential. We encourage our team to use personal time to rest and recharge, and offer early-closure on Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day

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