Email Marketing and Automation


Email marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing tools available to our clients. A healthy email marketing program can connect you with an interested audience, drive tremendous return on investment, and doesn’t have to battle with constant changes to social media algorithms.

Email is also a tremendously effective tool when it comes to content distribution, and making sure the content you invested in is seen by as many members of the right audience as possible. Fusion’s email marketing services include email calendar creation, content creation, responsive email design, list cleaning, identifying audience segments, A/B testing, and reporting.

Contact List Hygiene

Having a large email list is a tremendous business asset, however if this list is out of date, unused, or stale, it can quickly become a liability.
Invalid, old, or “catch-all” email addresses do not generate leads, sales, or engagement for your brand. In addition, a high number of bad email addresses can lead to permanent deliverability issues such as a flagged IP address, or a ban from your email service provider.
Typically, Fusion finds that at least 15% of the email addresses used in marketing lists are invalid. This number increases the older a list is.
Fusion’s approach to removing invalid or expired contacts from your email marketing lists may reduce the cost of an email service provider, improve results, and provide a more accurate picture of engagement metrics such as open rates and click through rates.


Messaging Strategy

Email can be an effective medium for promoting content, and driving leads for a brand. Working together with your team, Fusion can identify opportunities and strategies that meet your campaign goals.
By devising a quarterly email strategy Fusion is able to consider any revenue goals, upcoming sales, content distribution, or timely promotions within that time frame. Fusion also believes in having a pre-approved “in case of emergency” campaign that can be deployed in the event of a last-minute change or shift.
Your email strategy will consider audience segments, campaigns, send dates, re-sends, and copy for the emails.
Strategies can be applied to regular campaign emails, or automated emails that respond to online-behavior, purchases, or habits.

A/B Testing

As your subscriber base grows, there’s a tremendous opportunity to test subject lines, layouts and even the content sent to subscribers.
Fusion recommends split testing each of the email campaigns sent to each segment so Fusion can record, and report on, campaigns that provide the most value. Fusion then has the opportunity to A/B test our automated campaigns and improve them each and every month.
Fusions testing will also help us apply messages that resonate to a particular audience, for example, those most likely to purchase, repeat customers, or unique promotions to people who have yet to engage with a campaign.


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