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Gabriella Sonnenschein - SEO & Marketing Consultant

Gabriella is a PR, Advertising and Strategy Specialist. She joined Fusion in 2020, ready to dip into the world of SEO.

Gabriella’s skills lie in asking the right questions to the right people, doing diligent research for clients and their respective audiences, and writing for tailored segments. She has 6+ years in the communications field under her belt – some of her most recent clients being from the Tel Aviv hi-tech field and global wellness world. She loves working at Fusion, learning how to further understand people and their online habits.

On the day-to-day, Gabriella helps Fusion make new space in digital marketing, as well as help clients with the best and most updated SEO practices.

Gabriella lives in Tel Aviv and enjoys her mornings at the beach. After that, she gets to her rocket-fueled days of bettering her craft in the marketing field with Fusion Inbound.

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