PPC & Paid Media


Pay Per Click

As a Google Partner, Fusion can create a strategic Google Ads ad campaign that aligns with the design and creative associated with your brand. To identify the right audience for the ads, Fusion Inbound will consider the following:

● Target personas
● Geographic regions intended to maximize ad spend
● Lookalike audience data from existing customers
While Fusion considers multiple channels for the PPC campaign, often, our campaigns begin with Google Ads. This allows us to gather data and optimize the campaign and apply lessons to additional platforms such as Facebook,
Instagram, or LinkedIn.
Users will be driven to custom landing pages. Often, the greatest success is seen when the lead capture triggers a multi-part email sequence that educates and nurtures the potential client.

Social Media Ads

Social media platforms offer an excellent way to tailor your ad audience through a number of strategies, including Geographic Data, Demographic Data, and Lookalike Audiences based on your email list.

Paid social media efforts can be focused on three goals:
Generate leads: Fusion works with your team to identify the ideal audience for your campaign and create ad copy, creative, and landing pages, to meet these goals.

Increase following: Through a combination of audience targeting and content promotion, Fusion can plan to grow your social audience so that there is an engaged following to see and share organic social media content.
Build the email list: Instagram and Facebook ads can be implemented to guide a targeted audience to join an email list, triggering a multi-part email series that will provide education about the brand.



Fusion creates a strategic retargeting campaign to stay in front of users who have visited and engaged with your website or other platforms. Fusion aligns the ad creative with your brand. To create the most effective campaign, Fusion Inbound will include the following:
● Create audience segments based on how users engaged with your site
● Craft a campaign approach to match the customer journey for your product or service
● Customize the ad copy to reflect what users showed interest in
The two leading platforms we use for retargeting are Google Ads and Facebook. Google Ads display retargeting campaigns leveraging your data in Google Analytics to utilize custom audience segments. Facebook retargeting works best when paired with a prospecting campaign on that platform.

Landing Pages

Ensuring your ad copy, landing pages, and ad assets have a consistent message can significantly increase the success of your paid media campaign. With a focus on conversion optimization, your paid media campaign will include the creation of dedicated landing pages with the sole focus of capturing the lead. When someone has clicked on an ad, we want to make sure we remove any distractions and stumbling blocks from their path to connect with you.
By creating dedicated landing pages, we’re able to A/B test ad copy and insert dynamic elements such as call-tracking without overhauling your website.


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